Anyone that has seen statues outside of our clinic, Waynesboro Primary Care & Walk-In, has undoubtedly wondered what prompted us to install them; the story behind “The Doves of Peace” is deeply rooted in the spirit of peace and harmony that acted as a driving principle for our founder, Dr. M.S. Haq. This spirit of peace is what motivated him, and many others, to enter the field of medicine. Today, we’ll examine the oath modern doctors take to vow their protection and allegiance with those in need and how it impacted our little walk-in clinic in a big way.

Symbolic & Practical Oaths

Understanding the Hippocratic Oath

The Hippocratic Oath is one of the oldest traditions still observed by people internationally. The oath dates back to ancient Greece, likely Hippocrates. This oath states that, above all else, a doctor’s duty is to the peace, prosperity, and well-being of their patients; it states that a doctor treats people, not disorders and emphasizes positive morality above all qualities. While the Hippocratic Oath is more symbolic than legal, it is treated as a sort of rite-of-passage for newly appointed physicians. We at Waynesboro Walk-In believe that by following the simple doctrine of the oath, that we are overall better health practitioners. You can read the entire modernized version of the original Greek Hippocratic Oath through John Hopkins University here.

Implications of a Moral Oath

While the general idea of the Hippocratic Oath is widely considered to be that a doctor should “do no harm,” the words are not actually explicitly listed. While this may be seen as a weakening of the overall notion that a physician’s mission is rooted in the peaceful mission of doing no harm, that isn’t actually so. Simply by taking an oath based in the morality of medical care, duty to the patient, and a humble acceptance of the responsibility doctors have to cure patients, the oath equally serves the peaceful mission. By joining doctors everywhere under a single common mission, medicine as a whole strives to remain patient-focused and not practice-focused. Since the understanding that doctors “do no harm” has become so ubiquitous with the profession, peace-loving individuals are drawn to the role as a calling.

Impact on Our Walk-In Clinic

Dr. Haq was one of those peaceful people drawn to the task of helping those in need of care, regardless of their culture, creed or circumstance. This founding principle has guided Waynesboro Primary Care & Walk-In Clinic from its foundation in 1989 through the present day. We are proud to offer our appreciation and care to the people of Waynesboro through the spirit of peace and a thorough knowledge of medicine. We believe this city deserves that type of care, as its residents have been well beyond gracious and accepting of us and our mission, and it is here that we have seen some of the greatest examples of a community bound in solidarity and backed by respect and celebration of differences.

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