In 1989 when a young immigrant physician came to Waynesboro, PA, there was an opportunity for him to build a family health center. Hesitantly, he decided to give it a try; he gave himself a year, vowing that if the practice didn’t grow, he would move on to somewhere else. A year quickly passed, and he felt welcomed by the Waynesboro community. But more than feeling welcomed, he found he had developed a deep appreciation for the town that stood up for one another, supported equality and respect, celebrated differences, and supported harmony and love for each other. Waynesboro had become his home – And still is.

The Spirit of Waynesboro Primary Care & Walk-In Clinic

A century ago, a nation built the Statue of Liberty to express their appreciation for the United States. Dr. Haq also wanted to express his appreciation to the people of Waynesboro, and did so with the Doves of Peace. The dove is a universal symbol of peace, and the two doves together represent equality, tolerance, and respect for one another. Side by side, they depict the letter ‘W’ which duplicitously stands for Waynesboro.