1. Food as Medicine – How to Lose Weight By Eating Smart

    We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Americans are becoming more health conscious, and the bad news is that obesity is still increasing. In fact, obesity is the mother of a lot of diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and so on. In this blog post, we are going to explore how can we treat obesity through food. 1 - Salads, Salads, and More Salads What's …Read More

  2. When to Visit A Walk-In Clinic

    Many people in Waynesboro use our walk-in clinic each and every day, and we’re proud to offer this vital service to the community as a whole. Many patients call us to ask whether or not their current situation is suited for an emergency room or our walk-in clinic; while this is a great thing, it got us thinking about ways to inform people about the most common things we can treat here, freeing u…Read More

  3. Pennsylvania Worker’s Comp Medical Care

    Nobody wants to get hurt on the job, especially because of the isolation and frustration that often follows a workplace injury. Understanding worker’s comp for your home state is crucial for receiving the benefits you need during your recovery period, much of which is tied up in legal positioning and healthcare treatment. At Waynesboro Primary Care & Walk-In clinic, we want you to be able to…Read More

  4. The Spirit of Peace: A Doctor’s Oath

    Anyone that has seen statues outside of our clinic, Waynesboro Primary Care & Walk-In, has undoubtedly wondered what prompted us to install them; the story behind “The Doves of Peace” is deeply rooted in the spirit of peace and harmony that acted as a driving principle for our founder, Dr. M.S. Haq. This spirit of peace is what motivated him, and many others, to enter the field of medicine…Read More

  5. Weight and Diabetes

    Diabetes is a common disorder in which the body has difficulty controlling levels of sugar in the bloodstream. Normally, the hormone insulin made by the pancreas (an organ in the abdomen) regulates blood sugar levels. There is, for many, a direct connection between weight, diet, and diabetes; unfortunately, the connection isn't often one that patients to our family medicine practice want to hear. …Read More

  6. The Blue Pill

    Every week, I see at least two to three patients in our Waynesboro Walk-In Clinic, even young men in their 30s and 40s asking for the 'blue pill.' More than 30 million American men experience this significant health problem, but a staggering 75% don't seek treatment. They typically don't want to talk about it, or even hint at it, even though it's often treatable with some simple lifestyle changes.…Read More

  7. Skin Cancer – How much SPF is enough?

    Chemicals on your skin -Is too much too bad? Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer, with 5 million new cases each year. The most common cause of skin cancer is the sun. So most people think they're helping when they slather on sunscreen. And people think that when it comes to the sun protection factor ("SPF") of sunscreens, "100" is better than "30" and way better than "8," is this act…Read More